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Classroom and Teaching Resources for GIS

GISSOM study tours and field work

GISSOM consultancy –advice for your studies, project and organization

Partner & sponsoring events-GISSOM , GIS application and users conference

Partners & business : contracts and service delivery


This part contains teaching resources to cover the curriculum phases, it includes learning material, activities, information and much more….

1.Core curriculum in geographic information systems

2. Syllabus contain content

3. GIS teaching resources-tutorial, CR-rom, sites, published paper exercises, text books, introductions manuals


Aims and objectives, syllabus/content, teaching methods, assessment and evaluation.





GISSOM GIS courses- there is available updated teaching skills and knowledge one of our best expert- valuable courses, we have progressive GIS programs that covers various topics about using the most advanced technologies, there is outstanding opportunities to apply these programs, recourses and practical exercises and examples.

Projects & Information

  • Training for GIS application, research and enhancing community and public development programs….
  • Leadership and organizational style- GISSOM is privately owned entity –we are providing service and responding to the existing markets and demand. We are working to serve our customers by adopting good business polices
  • Journals and publication-we believe that our activities help to introduce and spread issues related to our teaching programs, issues relate to GIS and other news , published articles that relate to the subject of study.



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March 3, 2018

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