What does the GISSOM do?

The GISSOM educates Geographic information system by providing education service based on quality and professionalism. We train and teach students, teaching resources /courses, online courses & Conference, GIS project and portfolio, GIS & Business community and network activities.



About the GISSOM

Geographic information system Somalia (GISSOM) is the leading subject institution for teaching college & university. As institution our mission is to teach Geographic information system (GIS) knowledge. The Association is a lively academic of practice with over a several years of effort of innovation behind it and an unrivalled professionalism of GIS teaching


To whom it belongs to GISSOM?

The GISSOM is a business entity. Our activities are often driven by market oriented, partnership, and expertise availability of the GISSOM. The GISSOM is acted by its administering Body.

Administrative body - has overall responsibility for the GISSOM and its current and future well-being. The Administrative body is responsible for the stewardship of the GISSOM in accordance with the law and the GISSOM's Business objectives.



Academic Group -

The group formulate the educational policy of the GISSOM and oversees its early Years of higher education/university, along with its special interest groups and communications Boards. The GISSOM has dedicated body of professional staff, based at headquarters, which runs the day-to-day operation of the institution under the leadership of its chief executive. The institution also benefits from the guidance of our honorary chive executive officer (CEO)

GISSOM based …

The GISSOM´s headquarter locates in Mogadishu and other branches are distributed around the country.



Post: Repslagargatan 7a 75333 Uppsala




March 3, 2018

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